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Research activities at IWR focus on concrete problems stemming from diverse application fields. Prototypical applications are chosen from the areas Environmental Sciences, Bio-Sciences, Chemistry & Material Sciences, Process Engineering, and Humanities & Cultural Sciences. Largely new territory is being entered in Pioneering Projects in the areas Economy, Social Sciences, Human Medicine, and Cognitive Sciences.

The central goals of all research activities at IWR are as follows:

  • Exploration of new territories for Scientific Computing on the basis of already established competence in classical areas;
  • Developing of new classes of methods in Scientific Computing, by extending the best existing approaches to 'hybrid' and 'intelligent' algorithms;
  • Realization of synergies and speed-up of knowledge transfer by institutionalized Public-Private-Partnership collaborations;
  • Training and promoting the next generation of young scientists in the efficient use of these new methods for solving challenging problems in relevant areas.
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