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Winter Term 2011/2012
Course: Mathematical methods in systems biology.

Series of lectures "Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications" in the framework of National Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland. May - June 2011
Series of lectures on "Models of structured populations, their analysis and application to cell differentiation problems" at the school organised by IMPA, Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brasil. March 2011.
Course (Grundvorlesung) "Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology", University of Heidelberg. Winter Term 2010/2011.
Lectures on "Modelling and analysis of structured populations" at the summer school organised by European Commission Marie Curie Program, University of Dundee, UK. August 2010.
Compact Seminar: Mathematical modelling of processes in complex media. February 15-19, 2010.
Series of lectures on "Pattern formation" at the school organised by IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. March 2009.
Compact Course: Differential Equations in Biosciences, U. Heidelberg. December 1-12, 2008.
Course on Transport Equations with Applications. Winter Term 2008/2009.
Course (Grundvorlesung) "Mathematics for Biologists", U. Heidelberg. Summer Term 2008.
Course on Evolution equations. Summer Term 2007.
Course on Reaction-diffusion Equations with Applications in Biosciences. Winter Term 2006/2007.
Practice Seminar in Partial Differential Equations. Summer Term 2005.
Course "Mathematics for Biologists'' for students of the Department of Biology (together with Prof. Willi Jaeger). Summer Term 2004.