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Graphics Lab

The IWR graphics lab is located in the room 05.238 of MATHEMATIKON - IWR, INF 205. It is equipped with working places for special graphical applications. The facilities of the lab are open for all research groups of IWR. For a personal membership a filled-in and signed application form for IWR-membership (Mitarbeiterdaten) has to be submitted to the central secretary in room 04.303.

For internal use only: Here is the link to the IWR equipment pages with the VR-Environment and 3D-Scanner pages:

For special tasks and for appliance of professional software and hardware please contact

Dr. Susanne Krömker (Head of Visualization and Numerical Geometry Group and the Graphics Lab)
Phone: +49 6221 54-14413
E-mail: susanne.kroemker@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

In case of technical questions please contact

Markus Ridinger
Phone: +49 6221 54-14406
E-mail: markus.ridinger@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de

Equipment on Loan

Some of the portable equipment can be loaned for events/conferences/excursions. Please fill in the online form Loan Request (Leihgeräte) and sign it in order to submit the form in return of the respective equipment. For the reservation of the equipment please contact someone in charge of the equipment in advance.

The Breuckmann-3D-Scanner will be loaned only after approval by the IWR board of directors and only when accompanied by a trained member of the staff.

Graphics Lab, room 05.238

Virtual Reality Environment

Virtual Reality Environment

  • passive stereo board
  • optical tracking system
  • 2 AMD Dual Core Opteron PCs
  • VR software COVISE

Parallel Tesla computer (CUDA)

  • Intel Xeon 3540 Quadcore
  • operating system OpenSUSE
  • 3 Nvidia Tesla C1060 cards
  • Nvidia Quadro FX 5800
Tesla computer
3D Scanner

3D surface scanner

  • smartSCAN 3D-HE with two 5 megapixel cameras
  • tripod, turning table
  • laptop
  • windows PC, operating system Windows XP
  • scanning and processing software OPTOCAT

Video Equipment

  • windows PC, operating system Windows XP
  • Avid/Pinnacle Software Liquid
  • professional video screen
  • 2 Betacam SP video recorder
  • DVD player
  • CD-DVD label printer (Canon ip4500)
3D Scanner

Graphics Lab

There are six working places available for the members of IWR with various graphical and visualization tasks. All working places are equipped with TFT double screens and Nvidia graphics cards.

  • 4 PCs, operating system Ubuntu (Linux)
  • 2 PCs, operating system Windows XP

Software Equipment

Licenced Software

Animation software, development tools, image processing software (for Macintosh), mathematics software is available on our machines.
  • AutoCAD
  • Creative Suite II
  • Liquid
  • Maple
  • Matlab
  • Maya
  • Office package
  • Photoshop
  • Visual Studio

Free Programs

Besides the above listed current versions of licenced software we offer on our machines also current versions of free programs such as Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, MeshLab and a lot more.
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