IWR - Simulation and Optimization

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Areas of Research and Development

Aim of the group is the development and implementation of efficient numerical methods to support modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex dynamic processes in science, engineering, industry, services, and commerce. Active research fields include

The design of these methods is demand driven. It incorporates the analysis of structures of problems in application classes, which are then expoited in order to improve efficiency and reliability. In orfer to be able to attack cheallenging large-scale problems, it also includes implementation aspects for innovative computer structures, especially for parallel systems available at the IWR (Helics 2: 160 nodes, 3 TFlops, BW-Grid HD: 256 nodes, 5 TFlops).

Main application areas are found in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering and Bio-Mechanics, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Reaction Kinetics, Systems Biology, Environmental Processes, and Aerospace. Challenging problems in these areas are treated in interdisciplinary cooperations with scientists from academia and industry.

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