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Workshop Scientific Computing
in the Behavioral Sciences (SCBS 2015)


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Monday, July 27
10.0011.00Invited Talk, Björn Meder, MPIB, Berlin
Optimal Experimental Design, Heuristics, and Human Information Search
11.0011.30Coffee Break
11.3012.00Ulf Mertens, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University
Conducting smart experiments using Adaptive Design Optimization
12.0012.30Nadia Said, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University
Challenges of Transforming Computational Cognitive Models into a Numerically Tractable Formulation
12.30 13.00Stefan Körkel, IWR, Heidelberg University
Mathematical Methods for Modeling, Simulation, Model Validition and Process Optimization
13.0014.30Lunch Break
14.3015.30Invited Talk Magda Osman, Queen Mary College, University of London
Past, Current and Possible Future Types of Formal Descriptions of Dynamic Decision-making Processes
15.3016.00Coffee Break
16.0016.30Momme von Sydow, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University
How causal coherence biases induction
16.3017.00Vineet Kumar, BioQuant, Heidelberg University
Modelling and data analysis in animal models of addiction
Tuesday, July 28
09.0010.00Invited Talk Dietrich Dörner, Institute of Psychology, Bamberg University
What? - When? - How? A Model of Intention - Regulation
10.0010.30Coffee Break
10.3011.00Mona Diegelmann, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University
"Long-Term Care in Motion" - Assessing the Effect of a Physical Activity Intervention in a Nursing Home Ecology
11.0011.30Johannes Herold, IWR, Heidelberg University
Modeling Athletic Performance
11.3012.10Kai-Friederike Oelbermann, MathOpt, Magdeburg University
Semi-algebraic geometry of Poisson regression
12.1014.00Lunch Break
14.0015.30Tutorial, Part 1, Joscha Bach, MIT, Media Lab, USA
Integrating Motivational Models into Artificial Intelligence Architectures
15.3016.00Coffee Break
16.0017.00Tutorial, Part 2, Joscha Bach, MIT, Media Lab, USA
Integrating Motivational Models into Artificial Intelligence Architectures
19.00Conference BBQ, Hauptstrasse 47, court
Wednesday, July 29
09.0009.30Swaminathan Ramakrishnan, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
09.3010.00Alexander Schubert, ORB/IWR, Heidelberg University
The role of motion dynamics in action painting
10.0010.30Rahul Nair, HCI, Heidelberg University
Methods and Challenges in Computational Vision - An Incomplete Guide
10.3011.00Coffee Break
11.0012.30Round Table Discussion
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